The new I-FourC Virtual File by IFile Technologies has arrived

ByBrendan Rock

The new I-FourC Virtual File by IFile Technologies has arrived

IFile Technologies has launched the latest version of the I-FourC® Virtual File™. The first version of this solution was launched earlier and is now optimally improved. With this intuitive version of the I-FourC Virtual File users benefit from quick access to their information, optimum security and a simple information structure.

As this software was built in a SaaS- (Cloud) environment, and the Virtual File should be just as easy to use as the paper files that people are working with for years. The I-FourC Virtual File and the I-FourC® Virtual Archive™ are inseparable linked together. The I-FourC Virtual Archive is an archive management system where you can manage both your physical and digital files. The digital files can then be opened within a single click via the I-FourC Virtual File. The I-FourC Virtual File has the exact same appearance as your paper files, which makes the user-friendliness very high. Previously people browsed through paper files, used sticky notes and made illegible notes.

Now they can easily flip digital pages and place bookmarks. This method is much more efficient and secure compared to the paper-based method. No more illegible scribbles and notes, as the new annotate feature in the I-FourC Virtual File can be used now. This synchronizes real time, so the latest and most complete information will always be at disposal. Instead of changing working processes, the I-FourC Virtual File will support working processes. It provides the benefits of secure digital working, combined with the convenience of paper.

  • Accessibility of information, anywhere anytime anyplace

  • Working the way you are used to

  • Easy information structure




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