Off Site Records

Off Site ArchivingIt is vital for an organization to make efficient choices regarding information management. Information that needs to be accessible for the entire organization should be archived efficiently, effectively and preferably centrally. A good archive is therefore up-to-date and accessible. So it is sensible to differentiate between current information and less important data, and based on this to decide which information should be given priority when making the transition from paper to digital.

Digitising does not mean that you can say farewell to physical records. In many cases a legally required period of data retention will apply. Depending on the nature of your business, this may even extend to a period of 150 years. However, storing this information on your own premises is not always the best option. You will not only be confronted with the physical, spatial limitations; you will also be expected to comply with various requirements such as security issues, fire safety and climatic conditions. Moreover, a physical archive is vulnerable to error and the information it contains cannot be consulted or used by several users simultaneously. Not to mention the high costs involved in maintaining a physical archive.

Off Site Records Management powered by I-FourC.

Archive depot

Off Site Archiving FillingI-File Technologies cannot be classified as just another ‘ordinary’ records management provider. We continue where the competitors stop. We offer our customers the opportunity to relocate their paper information to our high security archive depot in Dublin. As well as being fitted with fire resistant glass, the depot is equipped with highly advanced fire alarms. Our customers can rest assured that their records are stored under optimal conditions.

The archive depot is also monitored by permanent camera surveillance and has the very latest burglar and intrusion alarm system. You have the certainty that your physical incoming and outgoing documents and other vital, privacy sensitive company information is stored safely, and in a uniform and structured way. I-File offers a degree of records management equal or superior to what you as a customer can offer.

Our added value at a glance:

  • File management

  • Fire resistant glass

  • Camera security

  • Entrance controls

  • Confidentiality clauses

  • Destruction

  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Records are registered individually and numbered using colour codes

  • Reception protocol, signed by CEO

  • 100 percent delivery reliability through unique, individual file content