Now available: The I-FourC Virtual File for iPad

ByBrendan Rock

Now available: The I-FourC Virtual File for iPad

Today, I-File Technologies launches the newest version of the I-FourC® Virtual File for iPad™. The already existing version is completely renewed, both in terms of look and feel as functionality. If you make use of the I-FourC Virtual Archive, you can download the application in the App Store for free. Access to your information, wherever you are and whenever you want, has never been so easy.

In the cloud
The phenomenon ‘working in the cloud’ sounds for everyone familiar nowadays. By now, the benefits of multi-location access of information are truly seen. In this way, you always have the latest version and access to your information whenever you want, as long as you have the appropriate rights. However, if your information is multi-location accessible, you will need to have the right facilities to actually it. The I-FourC Virtual File for iPad provides the solution.

Your complete archive available through one device
The I-FourC Virtual File for iPad gives you access to your central archive. That allows you to consult and edit your files wherever you are, ánd synchronize it to your central archive again after editing. This user-friendly and secure application is equipped with the most advanced annotate capabilities. That means, you can download (even without an internet connection) your files to your iPad and directly start editing. For instance, mark words and sentences, adding notes, drawing circles and many more. Equally to everything you are used you when using paper. As soon as you have saved your changes, that information will be accessible for every other authorized user within you organisation. Any idea in what way that reduces administrative work?

Just an example of the new possibilities
A new, practical and time saving functionality is bundling files. Do you participate in meetings? Preparation by yourself, or by your secretary, is possible by making ready a group of files and sharing it with others. Every participant of the meeting, is able to open the bundle of information and has in this way access to the same and correct information. Imagine this for a doctor that should visit several patients during his morning round for example. In advance, the files of the patients he needs to visit can set ready and within a single mouse click digitally opened by the doctor himself. No lost information, no time waste and no bunches of paper that have to be carried. All you need, is an iPad.

To actually experience all the new functionalities, you should really watch this video. At a glance you will see what this intelligent, but easy to use application has to offer. Is your organization ready for working efficiently at the highest level? Do not hesitate to ask us the possibilities!

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