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A unique combination of digital service provision and software development, whereby the primary focus is on eliminating paper and optimizing document flows.

ByBrendan Rock

Now available: The I-FourC Virtual File for iPad

Today, I-File Technologies launches the newest version of the I-FourC® Virtual File for iPad™. The already existing version is completely renewed, both in terms of look and feel as functionality. If you make use of the I-FourC Virtual Archive, you can download the application in the App Store for free. Access to your information, wherever you are and whenever you want, has never been so easy.

In the cloud
The phenomenon ‘working in the cloud’ sounds for everyone familiar nowadays. By now, the benefits of multi-location access of information are truly seen. In this way, you always have the latest version and access to your information whenever you want, as long as you have the appropriate rights. However, if your information is multi-location accessible, you will need to have the right facilities to actually it. The I-FourC Virtual File for iPad provides the solution.

Your complete archive available through one device
The I-FourC Virtual File for iPad gives you access to your central archive. That allows you to consult and edit your files wherever you are, ánd synchronize it to your central archive again after editing. This user-friendly and secure application is equipped with the most advanced annotate capabilities. That means, you can download (even without an internet connection) your files to your iPad and directly start editing. For instance, mark words and sentences, adding notes, drawing circles and many more. Equally to everything you are used you when using paper. As soon as you have saved your changes, that information will be accessible for every other authorized user within you organisation. Any idea in what way that reduces administrative work?

Just an example of the new possibilities
A new, practical and time saving functionality is bundling files. Do you participate in meetings? Preparation by yourself, or by your secretary, is possible by making ready a group of files and sharing it with others. Every participant of the meeting, is able to open the bundle of information and has in this way access to the same and correct information. Imagine this for a doctor that should visit several patients during his morning round for example. In advance, the files of the patients he needs to visit can set ready and within a single mouse click digitally opened by the doctor himself. No lost information, no time waste and no bunches of paper that have to be carried. All you need, is an iPad.

To actually experience all the new functionalities, you should really watch this video. At a glance you will see what this intelligent, but easy to use application has to offer. Is your organization ready for working efficiently at the highest level? Do not hesitate to ask us the possibilities!

ByBrendan Rock

A Digital Archive for your Business

As the specialist in the field of digitising, I-File offers a unique combination of service provision and software development, whereby each aspect revolves around eliminating paper and optimising the document flows.

I-File has been serving the market for many years in a highly effective and flexible way. Our principle concern is that during the digitisation process all the information remains digitally accessible at any given moment. Using a sophisticated archive management system and scan services combined with advanced software solutions I-File ensures that you can work paperless and digitally from day one. This guarantees the continuity of the primary working processes. The specialists at I-File are renowned for the outstanding quality of their knowledge and expertise. Customers therefore describe I-File as an organisation that gives solid guarantees on the results it supplies.



ByBrendan Rock

Cloud Computing & Mobility

Cloud Computing & Mobility, thanks to the unique I-FourC concept

It is a well-known story within the healthcare sector. Working together more efficiently, optimizing administrative processes by using workflow, providing higher quality for less money and supporting people with investing in IT and controlling boards, this all constitutes the core of market forces in the healthcare sector. It is a sector in which customers and service provisions are the key elements. Wherever you are and whenever you want; the need of accessibility of information is extremely high, and – on the contrary – the need to search in a crowded, unstructured archive is really small.

Complete information
The healthcare sector has a large need for accurate, current and complete information, partly due to the mandatory exchange of patient data that have other disciplines within and outside the institution itself. Issues such as costs reduction, efficiency, improving distribution and the accessibility of medical information play a major role. Many healthcare organisations still have to deal with cumbersome and/or redundant work processes or methods, which results in a tremendous paper mountain.  The obligate retention period of medical records contributes to the large amount of paper within organisations as well.

Digitizing healthcare information is a high priority issue in most of the organisations, often linked to the frequently-heard term Cloud Computing. Considering the healthcare sector it results in an affordable IT-model to connect and maintain employees, to reduce the administrative burdens and therewith to increase productivity and mobility. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and the digital record for practitioners have already been realised. In the future more initiatives will be taken based on Cloud Computing.

As a worldwide authority of digitization, I-FourC offers with their concept: “Paperless from day one,” a unique combination of digital services and (cloud-) software-developments, which is all about eliminating paper and optimising document flows. The unique method of digital archiving and archive management will be combined with the newest and most advanced technologies that have been in-house developed. That is the reason that the “Paperless from day one” concept is a total and complete solution for the healthcare sector, where all paper-based data will be digitized in one day, without disturbing the daily working processes at any time. The digital information will be formed to the customer’s wishes and needs, and it will be integrated perfectly to the existing primary business processes – all together in one cockpit.

ByBrendan Rock

The new I-FourC Virtual File by IFile Technologies has arrived

IFile Technologies has launched the latest version of the I-FourC® Virtual File™. The first version of this solution was launched earlier and is now optimally improved. With this intuitive version of the I-FourC Virtual File users benefit from quick access to their information, optimum security and a simple information structure.

As this software was built in a SaaS- (Cloud) environment, and the Virtual File should be just as easy to use as the paper files that people are working with for years. The I-FourC Virtual File and the I-FourC® Virtual Archive™ are inseparable linked together. The I-FourC Virtual Archive is an archive management system where you can manage both your physical and digital files. The digital files can then be opened within a single click via the I-FourC Virtual File. The I-FourC Virtual File has the exact same appearance as your paper files, which makes the user-friendliness very high. Previously people browsed through paper files, used sticky notes and made illegible notes.

Now they can easily flip digital pages and place bookmarks. This method is much more efficient and secure compared to the paper-based method. No more illegible scribbles and notes, as the new annotate feature in the I-FourC Virtual File can be used now. This synchronizes real time, so the latest and most complete information will always be at disposal. Instead of changing working processes, the I-FourC Virtual File will support working processes. It provides the benefits of secure digital working, combined with the convenience of paper.

  • Accessibility of information, anywhere anytime anyplace

  • Working the way you are used to

  • Easy information structure




ByBrendan Rock

IFile Technologies launches the IfourC ePapering Solution in Ireland

I-FourC is proud to announce their first business partnership with Storage Systems Ltd in Dublin Ireland. The ePapering Solution powered by IFourC is the international business opportunity Storage Systems will exploit, which creates paperless work environments in paper intensive markets. Storage Systems Ltd is starting this solution under the: I-File Technologies Ltd.

Combining the expertise of I-FourC Technologies in the field of Information management with the knowledge and network Storage Systems has in the Irish market, a perfect connection has been created to enter new markets with digital archive solutions, Document Scanning and Off-site Records Management services.

Léon Lalieu, the CEO of I-FourC, calls it a big step forward: “With this business opportunity I-FourC creates a firm position internationally in collaboration with its Business Partners. With this solution I-FourC can leave a mark worldwide as the expert in applied digital accessibility, thanks to the combination of innovative software developed in-house and a complementary and high grade package of services. The collaboration between IFile Technologies and I-FourC will become successful, both companies have the ability to reinforce each other’s strengths.

Niall Rock, Managing Director of I-File Technologies: “With this partnership I-File Technologies will enter the Irish market with Information Management services for government agencies, healthcare medical institutions, Financial, Educational and service companies. We are able to offer a complete package with I-File Technologies, with outstanding Records Management service provision, mainly in digital form with excellent IT services, Document Imaging & Scanning and paper destruction. The transition to a digital work environment will be easy and smooth with all the services under one roof.”

With this partnership I-File Technologies will create new market opportunities in the field of digital archive solutions, Document Scanning and Off-site Records Management services in Ireland.