I-FourC Virtual Scan

Supple scanning and indexing

Virtual ScanCarefree digitising, scanning and indexing is possible using I-FourC© Virtual Scan™. The software indexes documents via barcode recognition and automatically saves them in the correct place in the digital archive. I-FourC Virtual Scan also contains extensive processing and verification features designed to guarantee a high scan quality. After scanning, the scanned images are clearly displayed in a thumbnail view in the correct relationship to each other. A detailed image of each scanned document is automatically displayed on the screen so the quality of the scan can be checked.

I-FourC Virtual Scan does not require any extra, additional software. Everything you need works via internet. The information can be stored immediately in the right place in the digital file. The best description of a scan is a “frozen” digital replicate of a document. ‘Frozen’ because the document in question cannot be edited. I-FourC Virtual Scan allows you to save privacy sensitive, formally approved documents digitally and protect them against unauthorized editing after they have been signed.

Extensive search features enables our customers to view previously scanned files and update them with new information. In addition, individual documents can be rearranged behind the digital tab pages already in the digital document.


  • Barcode recognition to introduce a logical document structure

  • Scanning in black/white and colour

  • High scan quality and scan speed

  • Extensive processing and verification features

  • Verification of entered document types/tab pages

  • Newly scanned information can be added intuitively to existing digital records

  • Management of various scan profiles.