I-FourC Virtual File

Virtual FilesWhat I-File Technologies has to offer by digitising using the I-FourCĀ© Virtual File™ equates to a unique experience. Using the Virtual File all your scanned documents are shown as traditional paper records. By using skins, the appearance of I-FourC Virtual File can be changed to correspond precisely with the look and feel of the customer’s own physical documents.

Ease and convenience also play an important role with the I-FourC Virtual File. Thanks to a digital inking technique customers can still write on documents in the I-FourC Virtual File and make notes, just like in a physical paper file. Plus, the documents in the I-FourC Virtual File can be given separation sheets or tab pages, so the user can easily browse through the pages and look for the right information, in the same way as with traditional paper. The I-FourC Virtual File ensures our customer have a professional, recognisable and quickly available copy of the scanned documents.

The I-FourC Virtual File presents the familiar paper files digitally but in a recognisable form, without compromising all the advantages of working with paper. In summary: The ultimate form of ease of use.

  • Quickly accepted by end users as document is a 1:1 copy of the physical record

  • Notes; Digital inking lets you write on your digital files

  • Tab pages make locating the right pages easy

  • Professional, recognizable and rapid display of documents through advanced imaging technology

  • Thanks to Silverlight technology available via the web for various operating systems.