I-FourC Virtual Archive

Virtual ArchiveThe I-FourC© Virtual Archive™ is a web-based solution which your customers can use to manage all their information and retrieve records. With the I-FourC Virtual Archive solution we can offer our customers the opportunity to store data centrally, provide a large storage capacity and the availability of the I-FourC Virtual File. All you need is an internet connection. This is set to become the benchmark for providing software applications. I-FourC Virtual Archive makes file management via the web possible. Our customers can retrieve, process and save information any time and any place, and without any annoying hitches

Advantages of I-FourC Virtual Archive

  • Pay for what you use;

  • Savings through central updates;

  • Save time by eliminating maintenance and upgrades

  • All users have identical software versions at all times

  • Less hardware, such as servers;

  • Attractive price;

  • Less IT staff;

  • Less IT space required;

  • High availability;

  • Enormous mobility: data can be retrieved and processed any time and any place;

  • Training and scanning via internet.