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Public sector DigitisationThe digital ambitions of government authorities and the public sector are reflected in our information society. Which is not in itself surprising. Historical and current information forms the memory of the public sector. For this reason, it is imperative that public sector information can be located at all times and is easily accessible to all, so that in the context of public accountability a national government can explain its actions and decisions to the citizens, both now and in the future. The national government also aims to promote and accelerate the use of public sector information, as well as enhancing its accessibility. Digitising helps achieve this objective.

As an authority in the field of digitising, for many years now I-File Technologies has offered local and national governments a completely successful transition from paper to digital in a single day, without any disruption to the daily operational processes. We can achieve this thanks to the use of the latest and most advanced technology. This safeguards the continuity of the primary working processes.