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Digital healthcare information is being revolutionised. Aspects such as cost reduction, efficiency, improving the distribution and accessibility of medical information all play an important role. Digitising is the answer. The Electronic Medication Record (EMD) and the Deputising File for General Practitioners (WDH) are already a reality in Europe. The healthcare sector has a pressing need for information that is correct, current and complete, partly due to the obligatory exchange of patient data with other disciplines within and outside the care institute in question.

Digital healthcare informationI-File has a wealth of experience in integrating paper information into the digital work processes of the healthcare provision sector. For instance, we have ready-made links and integration components for almost all ZIS and EPD systems, enabling healthcare providers to examine and edit all information digitally from a single ‘cockpit’. I-Filer’s software also manages appointments systems and admission diaries. This method gives the health care provider access to all the relevant information, at all times.