Scan Services

Scanning servcies

Between the moments that an organization places the term digitising on the agenda and the moment that the first digital results are revealed, lay a host of practical considerations. A world of objectives, support, available budgets, software programs, equipment and not forgetting: the practical execution of the task and the manpower this requires.

It is vital for an organisation to make efficient choices regarding information management. It is therefore sensible to differentiate between current information and less important data, and based on this decide which information should be given priority when making the transition from paper to digital.

How it works is simple. We will pack and collect your documents in a safe and secure manner. Our employees inventorise and index your records and confirm this data to you. We provide various scan services, such as Bulk Scanning and Scanning on Demand powered by I-FourC. To complete our range of services, your physical documents can be stored and managed by us for a period of time after they have been scanned. Once this period has elapsed, you can elect to have your records archived in our secure and highly advanced depot, or have the documents destroyed according to the correct procedure.

QuickscanBulk scanning is just one of the areas of expertise offered by I-File. We have a wealth of experience in digitising huge amounts of paper information in just a short space of time. We can also digitise your daily workflow and integrate the existing physical records into this digital network for you. I-File will take care of all the details from A to Z.

Off site archivingIf scanning all the documents at once is not one of your priorities, then the ‘Scanning On Demand ‘solution offered by I-File is the answer. We use our scanning solution to scan small amounts of specific information and transform this into digital data within a specified period. This allows you to gradually create a digital archive without having to make a large, initial investment. Plus, you only digitise the documents you really need. Should you discover at a later stage that you need other documents digitised, simply submit your request using the special button and within fifteen minutes the digital version is yours.