Cloud Computing & Mobility

ByBrendan Rock

Cloud Computing & Mobility

Cloud Computing & Mobility, thanks to the unique I-FourC concept

It is a well-known story within the healthcare sector. Working together more efficiently, optimizing administrative processes by using workflow, providing higher quality for less money and supporting people with investing in IT and controlling boards, this all constitutes the core of market forces in the healthcare sector. It is a sector in which customers and service provisions are the key elements. Wherever you are and whenever you want; the need of accessibility of information is extremely high, and – on the contrary – the need to search in a crowded, unstructured archive is really small.

Complete information
The healthcare sector has a large need for accurate, current and complete information, partly due to the mandatory exchange of patient data that have other disciplines within and outside the institution itself. Issues such as costs reduction, efficiency, improving distribution and the accessibility of medical information play a major role. Many healthcare organisations still have to deal with cumbersome and/or redundant work processes or methods, which results in a tremendous paper mountain.  The obligate retention period of medical records contributes to the large amount of paper within organisations as well.

Digitizing healthcare information is a high priority issue in most of the organisations, often linked to the frequently-heard term Cloud Computing. Considering the healthcare sector it results in an affordable IT-model to connect and maintain employees, to reduce the administrative burdens and therewith to increase productivity and mobility. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and the digital record for practitioners have already been realised. In the future more initiatives will be taken based on Cloud Computing.

As a worldwide authority of digitization, I-FourC offers with their concept: “Paperless from day one,” a unique combination of digital services and (cloud-) software-developments, which is all about eliminating paper and optimising document flows. The unique method of digital archiving and archive management will be combined with the newest and most advanced technologies that have been in-house developed. That is the reason that the “Paperless from day one” concept is a total and complete solution for the healthcare sector, where all paper-based data will be digitized in one day, without disturbing the daily working processes at any time. The digital information will be formed to the customer’s wishes and needs, and it will be integrated perfectly to the existing primary business processes – all together in one cockpit.

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