Paperless from day one

I-File TechnologiesI-File Technologies Ltd offers a unique combination of digital service provision and software development, whereby the primary focus is on eliminating paper and optimizing document flows.

We have served the digitising market highly effectively and flexibly for many years. With our ingenious storage and scan services combined with advanced software solutions, we ensure that our customers can continue to work digitally and paperless from day one. Our principle concern here is that during the transition to digitised processes, all the information remains digitally accessible at any given moment.

Our unique approach to digital archiving and archive management is combined with the latest and most advanced technology developed in-house by our own specialists. This enables us to offer total solutions to our customers.

Our Services


Missing or incomplete information is costly, frustrating and wastes time.I-File Technologies offers the solution with the unique digital concept: Paperless from day one! Thanks to the application of the latest and most advanced technology, we will ensure that all the information stored on paper is digitised in a single day without disrupting the day to day running of your organization in any way.

As the specialist in the field of digitising, I-File offers a unique combination of service provision and software development, whereby each aspect revolves around eliminating paper and optimising the document flows.

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Off Site Archiving

It is vital for an organization to make efficient choices regarding information management. Information that needs to be accessible for the entire organization should be archived efficiently, effectively and preferably centrally. A good archive is therefore up-to-date and accessible.
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Digitising in brief

I-File Technologies is the only company in Ireland that offers distinct added value thanks to a unique combination of service provision and in-house software development. By integrating these two areas of expertise into our approach, we can digitise physical information optimally: in the right context, for the right user and at the right moment..

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